How to Optimize Your Website for Local Search

The Benefits of Keeping it Local

Businesses providing offline services to customers usually prefer to deal with local customers. This is because it uses less time and money to travel to the customer. Sometimes it’s easier and more cost-effective for a business to sell its products or services to local customers. There may be only a few other businesses competing with them in the area. For most services and products, customers are willing to pay a premium for local businesses since they can get better customer support. Hence a large number of businesses have an interest in maximizing the number of local customers. Many customers often use search engines to find suppliers. Let’s discuss some guidelines for optimizing a website for local search.

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Ad Targeting in a Local Market

Advertising networks are realizing that some businesses are only selling to local customers. This is especially true for local service providers like plumbers, electricians, roofing contractors. So they are offering ad targeting options for the ad networks for these businesses. The advertiser can specify the areas where they wish to show the advertisement. This can help the advertiser reduce wasting money. Since they do not have to pay for views and clicks from visitors to whom they cannot sell products and services. An agency like Gorilla Gurus can optimize the advertisement to include local content to maximize the conversion rate.


Local SEO and Website Design Optimization

Another way to improve local search ranking is by ensuring the website has content for all the areas where it sells products/services. Gorilla Gurus works closely with the marketing and sales team to finalize these areas. We then create product/service-related content for each of these areas. We can modify the website design to include content for each of the areas in which our client services. This helps in search engine optimization ( SEO ) of the website since each area will rank well in the search engine for the product/service. We will also optimize website design, and link building for SEO to improve local search ranking.

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The Role of Feedback and Reviews

Businesses are also using social media to improve their local feedback. Most potential customers will trust their friends and other people they know living in the area. Reviews on social media websites rank well in search engines. Gorilla Gurus will try to maximize the number of reviews posted online by contacting the local customers. We will also open the social media accounts for the business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other websites. The websites used depends on the business profile. The social media accounts will be periodically updated with the latest information, including deals, discounts, offers, and business news.

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The Power of Geofencing

Another extremely effective lead-generating technique for local businesses is geofencing. Wherein the business advertisement or promotion appears to potential customers when they are close to the business location. This is one of the most popular marketing methods in the last few years. Increasingly customers are carrying their smartphones with them everywhere. This is why geofencing can be useful to persuade them to visit the shops in the area. Many businesses do not have the trained and experienced staff to implement geofencing. Hence the Gorilla Gurus staff will put in place and optimize geofencing for local businesses.

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