The Importance of Customer Feedback and Reviews for Marketing

Reviews and Marketing 

The success of a company depends to a large extent on the number of customers it has and the order value. Companies that have a large number of customers placing high-value orders can grow quickly. While businesses that find it difficult to get customers, usually struggle to survive. In most companies, the sales team will help the business acquire new customers. However, the reviews by the customers will depend to a large extent on the quality and price of the product or service provided. Increasingly the marketing team of a business will use customer feedback and reviews to formulate their marketing strategy. The goal is to maximize the number of leads that they are generating for the sales team.


Where are Reviews and Feedback Posted?

The feedback of some customers may not matter for very large companies which have a monopoly on the market. Overall, most businesses are aware that it is important to keep the customers happy. So businesses have an interest in monitoring feedback from customers. In turn, the business can take corrective action if required. One of the best ways to monitor customer feedback is social media. Many customers post their reviews of the business on their social media account. These reviews are often shared with friends, relatives, and business associates. Some directories allow customers to post their reviews of services and products which they have used. 


Social Media and Other Sources

Most businesses do not have the tools and resources to monitor the feedback on social media and review websites. So they can outsource the work to an agency. Gorilla Gurus has a well-trained staff. We will monitor the top review channels and collect feedback, for the business. We will share the information collected with the marketing and sales team of the client. This way they can take suitable action. Often businesses use negative feedback to make improvements in their product or service. Thus other customers will not face a similar problem in the future. The Gorilla Gurus team can also reply to the feedback or reviews on behalf of the client.


Using Reviews on Business Websites

Some businesses want the feedback from customers to remain confidential. To do this they should modify the website design so that customers can easily contact them. Businesses often use positive reviews from customers on their websites for marketing. Gorillagurus can change the website, to incorporate the latest positive reviews. It’s a great idea to use feedback from customers for content creation. Reviews can provide detailed information on how to use the product or service and resolve problems that the customers often face. 


Using Reviews for Videos and SEO

Increasingly customers are preferring to watch videos. Importantly, most customers find it easier to understand them instead of reading text. Gorilla Gurus has a specialized team for video production. We can use customer feedback as a topic for a video or a series. Videos can also focus on topics for which the customers are searching for information. When shared on social media channels, the videos will also help in search engine optimization (SEO). In turn, increasing website traffic. Businesses should encourage customers to post their reviews since a large number of reviews will help in SEO as well as branding. Search engines will usually rank well-established businesses higher in the search results. 


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