How to Master the Art of Local Marketing

Though online sales have increased in the last decade, most people find it more convenient to buy many items they need locally. Hence they are often looking for a reliable seller or service provider near me. Well-established local businesses already have regular customers. While newly established businesses would like to find out how they can improve their local marketing. They would like to make more people aware of the services or products which they are selling. In turn, generating more leads and walk-in customers for their business.

Target marketing

With most people in the United States carrying their smartphones with them all the time, target marketing is increasingly popular and cost-effective. Almost all the major ad networks offer geofencing. Wherein customers close to the shop or retail outlet see relevant advertisements. So even if the shopper does not plan to visit the shop, displaying the ad will remind him of the outlet. This can greatly improve the conversion rate. We at Gorilla Gurus work with our client to set up advertising using geofencing to increase the number of customers.

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Social media

Geofencing is also available on popular social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. We manage social media accounts and advertising on social media websites for our clients. This ensures that customers are aware of the latest products and services available. Social media can also be useful for advertising promotional deals. Most people find it easier to understand videos instead of reading text. We also specialize in video production for our clients. In addition to marketing or promotional videos, we also can make other types of videos. Options include educational or troubleshooting videos which can be shown on social media to reduce the customer support required.

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Guerilla marketing

Most new businesses have a limited marketing budget. Thus they are searching for the most cost-effective marketing techniques. Research indicates that guerilla marketing can generate a large number of leads while costing less. Gorilla Gurus offers guerilla marketing services for all our clients. We use social media extensively for guerilla marketing. We closely track the competitors of our client on social media, review websites, and elsewhere. Social media channels are useful for informing the customers of the competitor about our client’s products/services. This can happen by commenting on the feedback left by the customers. This will make it easier for unhappy customers of a competitor to find alternative sellers.

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Creating high-quality content for the business website and social media remains one of the most effective methods of local marketing. Gorilla Gurus works with our clients to understand the local demand for services/products. This includes how business conditions in the area differ from other places. It allows us to create customized local content which is useful and helps in building trust. We also provide fresh for the different social media channels like Twitter, Facebook for our client. These updates can into account changing weather as well as economic and other local conditions to remain relevant. The overall goal is to increase the conversion rate.

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