Guerilla Marketing Tactics

The Value of Branding

In addition to the revenues and profit of a business, one of the factors which are always considered during business valuation is the brand value. While businesses may list the features of their products, customers are also concerned about the quality of the product. This is because if the product malfunctions or is not of good quality, it wastes their money and time. Even if the product has a warranty, getting items replaced or repaired is time-consuming. People are more likely to purchase a product or service from a well-known brand. The reason is they feel assured that they will receive a quality product at a fair price. As well as customer support after they purchase the product.


Intentional Brand Hijacking

This is why most reputed companies spend a lot of money on branding. Proper branding makes sure people are aware of their brand. In turn, consumers will be willing to pay more since they are confident in the quality. Brand recognition helps a business grow faster. This also makes it difficult for new companies to compete. Though the new company may be offering a high-quality product at a low cost, some customers will not buy the product. This may be because they are not confident that the product supplied is of good quality. They may worry about getting the customer support they need. Branding is very important for expensive and critical products. This includes consumer goods, where quality is important.

Hence one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing business with a lower marketing budget competing against a well-established business rival is brand hijacking. Many of the businesses are using social media for marketing their products and services. Customers are also using social media to post their experience and feedback about the products or services which they have used. Gorilla Gurus helps businesses in increasing their sales. Many companies have a limited marketing budget. That’s where intentional brand hijacking, a guerilla marketing technique, can be useful.¬†


Big Results on a Small Budget

Gorilla Gurus is aware that most small businesses do not have the budget for running conventional branding campaigns, which are fairly expensive. Therefore using guerilla marketing which is unconventional marketing techniques, is a good option. These methods surprise customers which will increase brand awareness and sales. One of the most effective guerilla marketing methods is monitoring social media for feedback about a well-established brand. Most feedback or reviews on social media websites have a way to comment on the feedback. This way the business receiving the review can post a reply, and others can also post their comment.

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Lead Generation Through Rival Feedback

Through intentional brand hijacking, Gorilla Gurus marketing staff will use the feedback for business rivals to promote your business. We will use the social media or feedback site to bring awareness. This can be a very effective technique. Especially if there is negative feedback since the customer is not satisfied. These customers are often looking for other options for future purchases. If some incentive or discount is available, this marketing technique is a very effective way of advertising a business. In turn, generating new orders at a far lower cost compared to conventional marketing methods.

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