Using Geofencing to Grow Your Business


What is Geofencing?

In such a busy and competitive online market, businesses need to stand out to the customers they want to attract. Geofencing is the perfect way to grow your business. This is because it focuses marketing on a specific location to target local consumers. Geofence marketing is when software uses GPS, Wi-Fi, or data to determine a user’s location. Then users receive targeted digital ads when they enter the virtual boundary that exists in a geographical location. This is a great way for businesses to find local customers and amass a loyal audience. If you worry that customers will not be able to find your business when they are out then geofencing is the perfect solution.

Reaching Your Target Audience Locally

Geofencing helps you take your local business online. So it is essential to use recognizable branding that online customers will be able to match to your business. You can also use geofence marketing to benefit your customers and grow your business. For instance, geofence alerts, which appear automatically on mobile phones entering your business’ virtual boundary, can advertise offers or discounts available. Utilizing geofencing lets you advertise through location-activated push notifications. It is a simple process that turns your advertisements into targeted messages. It’s very useful to be able to reach local customers when they are close to your physical business.

The Role of Social Media in Geofencing

Another benefit of using geofencing to grow your business is pairing geofencing with your online presence. Geofencing campaigns on social media allow potential customers to access both your business’ location and your online presence. Geofencing on popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, allows you to tailor your ads and target them to a location-specific audience. Facebook allows you to set up a geofence of a mile in diameter and Instagram allows you to select specific areas as your digital boundary. Instagram also allows live geotagging, which creates a temporary geofence for something like an event that you need to guide people to.

Pairing SEO With Geofencing

Furthermore, geofencing can help grow your business because it boosts your local SEO. Effective geofence marketing will locate your customers and help them find you. A geofencing SEO strategy allows your ads to appear to customers who search for a specific product within your digital boundary. You can combine geofencing with SEO. This ensures that your business is visible to local people who have an interest in the products that you sell. You can then turn these local people into loyal customers. Geofencing also allows your business to capitalize on the ROI of your marketing. You can target customers, see how effective your geofence advertising is, and then reap the rewards of a return on investment.

Trust the Pros With Your Geofencing Campaign

Hiring a marketing agency will help you in many ways. An agency can produce high-quality advertisements, customized for your target audience. While geofencing is important, your ads must be well designed to appeal to the local audience that they reach. Gorilla Gurus is an experienced marketing agency that offers a variety of services. From social media content to customized branding, we handle it all. You can rely on us to produce high-quality marketing materials for your business. Using our methods, you can grow your business and boost your interactions with local customers. Contact us today to learn more.

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