Instagram Vs TikTok: Why Insta will be Prioritizing Videos Over Photos


Businesses are always interested in adopting the latest marketing trends to increase the leads generated and branding. In the last few years, people are spending more time online watching videos. This is because most people prefer to watch videos instead of reading text. Hence businesses are investing more money in video production. Most videos are for marketing, customer support, and branding. Let’s discuss some of the indications of the increasing popularity of videos online and their use in marketing.

Competition Between Platforms

One of the best indications that short videos are becoming popular is that Instagram recently announced that they will be prioritizing videos over photos. Instagram refers to these short videos as Reels. Instagram has noticed the rapid increase in the user and advertiser base of TikTok. In brief, TikTok is a short video-sharing app. Within the United States in the last year, TikTok amassed a large number of users who are less than thirty years old. Other popular social media networks have also announced their short video platform to match the growing popularity of Tik Tok. Including Youtube promoting Shorts and Twitter promoting Fleets.

Improving SEO Through Videos

Having viral videos promoting a product or service will also help in search engine optimization (SEO) for the business website. Increasingly for many keywords, the search engines are showing videos first in their search results. Thus having a popular video for the keyword can greatly help in SEO. Since most businesses do not have resources for video production, they can outsource video production to Gorilla Gurus. Our staff will work closely with the marketing team. This includes finalizing the video script and producing it according to the customer’s needs.

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Social Media and Website Design

A marketing video can be useful for marketing on various social media channels. For example, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter are great platforms. Depending on the type of product or service which is being marketed, Gorilla Gurus can also promote the video on Tik Tok. We can also arrange for relevant influencers on social media to promote the video to their followers. Additionally, we will also track social media to find mentions of our client’s business. Overall, we can use this info for marketing or improvement. We can also modify the website design for the business website to incorporate popular videos. This way the visitors to the website can easily get the information they are looking for.

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Work With the Pros for Video Production

The Gorilla Gurus video content creation service includes creating new videos periodically for our clients. These videos are useful for branding as well as marketing. We track the latest trends in digital marketing. Especially video trends, since videos are becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation. Short videos are popular since the internet user can watch them quickly. Furthermore, these videos download more quickly compared to longer videos.

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Our experienced staff will create high-quality videos for your business. Not to mention, we will share it on various social media platforms. After considering the demographic profile of the clients which helps in lead generation. We will also closely monitor the popularity and feedback to the videos so that we can produce better videos in the future.

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