Social Media Posting Strategy & Organizing Your Posts

Social Media for Business Marketing

Many people use search engines often for finding products or services. But most will usually spend more time daily on their social media account. Whether they are updating their account, watching videos, reading the posts of their friends, or other information. Since a business can create its social media account for free, social media is a very cost-effective marketing channel. It can be useful in multiple ways. This includes branding and generating leads and orders. As well as getting feedback from customers, and offering customer support. Below we will talk about some information on formulating the social media marketing strategy for a business. Additionally, we will cover organizing the social media posts.

Ad Targeting on Social Media

Most of the social media websites have detailed profiles of their customers. This makes ad targeting more effective and simple. A large number of the products or services are only purchased by specific customers. So based on the business profile, Gorilla Gurus will decide which social media channel is appropriate for marketing. Linkedin is popular for generating leads for business and industrial products. While Instagram is popular among younger users. In some cases, only one social media account is sufficient. In other cases, multiple social media accounts may be necessary for lead generation and branding.

The Function of Social Media in Marketing

Based on the feedback from the sales and marketing team of the client, the social media accounts should be for lead generation, branding, or customer interaction. Gorilla Gurus will then formulate the social media marketing strategy for the client accordingly. For branding, attractive graphics and videos are helpful Some may even go viral. Updating the social media account with information that the potential customers are looking for will help in search engine optimization (SEO). Consequently improving the ranking of the website on search engines. In turn, this results in better lead generation.

Website Design and Geofencing

After the social media account is set up, we can also modify the business website design to include the account. The website can encourage visitors to the website to follow the social media account for the latest updates on the business. Moreover, many people are accessing their social media account outdoors on their smartphone. As a result, we will also implement geofencing for clients who are selling their products/services locally. This will increase the conversion rate for clients who wish to increase their revenues and also help in branding.

Trust the Experts

To use social media effectively, the account should be regularly updated. The information should be relevant and useful for the followers. Since many businesses lack marketing expertise, Gorilla Gurus will plan a suitable strategy for posting on social media. We are experts at deciding the type of content and how frequently to update the account. Depending on the products or services sold and the customer profile, our experienced staff will help in content creation. We will use our experience to create high-quality content. Interesting content encourages followers to share on their social media account. We will also track the response to the social media posts and the popularity of each post. This way we can produce more relevant content in the future. Contact us today to get started on your new social media strategy.

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