On Site Video Shoot – True Commercial


Full professional, commercial video shoot including motion graphic and the following: interviews with up to 15 employees, product/production shoots, up to 15 minutes of usable, polished content, two 30 second with two 60 second cuts, complimentary B-roll content, gag reel, drone flyover, graphic enhancements, voice over recording (ours or yours), licensed music beds, supplied MP4s, and up to 20 revisions.


Interviews w/ Up to 15 Employees

Product/Production Shoots

Up-to 15 Minutes of Usable/Polished Content

Two 30 Second Commercials w/ 60 Second Cuts

Complimentary B-Roll Content (Varies based on project)

Gag Real

Drone Flyover

Graphic Enhancements

Voice Over Recording (Ours or Yours)

Licensed Music Beds

Supplied MP4s

Up to 20 Revisions