How to Make the Most of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Local Businesses

Marketing research indicates that most people do not blindly trust advertising and other media promotions online and offline. They are far more like to trust the recommendations of their friends and relatives. Many consumers prefer the recommendations of people who they trust. A large number of businesses are selling their products and services only locally. They are using different local marketing techniques to increase their sales. Many businesses are willing to experiment with new methods. They would like to find out how they can use Word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing effectively to maximize their sales.


Online and Offline WOM

Earlier WOM marketing was mainly offline. People usually discussed the product which they used with their friends on phone or when they meet in person. However, people are now using social media channels to share their opinion of the products or services they use. Businesses can use these reviews on social media for marketing. One method is posting favorable reviews on the website. As well as using the feedback to improve the products/services they sell. Gorilla Gurus can help a business use social media for WOM marketing. For example, by identifying the positive reviews posted by their satisfied customers and using them to convince others, especially friends and relatives of the reviewer to purchase the product/ service.

Additionally, the feedback given about competitors of the client can be useful for guerrilla marketing. Offering incentives to customers who give positive or helpful feedback is a good strategy. Some companies like to offer a referral program to encourage WOM. Also, consider offering competitor’s customers incentives for switching.


Rewards for Referrals and Feedback

Gorilla Gurus can work with the marketing and sales departments to finalize the incentives the customer will get for posting positive feedback on social media. We can also help in formulating and managing the referral program. This method involves customers receiving a reward for referring their friends, relatives and recommending the business to friends.

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Most people carry their smartphones with them when they leave home. Thus geofencing has become a very effective marketing method to convert visitors in a specific area into customers. Depending on the service provided or product sold, local businesses can use referrals to contact potential customers in the vicinity with discounts and promotional deals. But most businesses are not familiar with how geofencing. That’s where Gorilla Gurus comes in! We take care of all aspects of geofencing, to maximize the conversion rate for the potential customers in the area.

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Positive Affects on Branding

WOM marketing is also very effective for branding. This is because people are more likely to use products which their friends and relatives recommend. Hence we encourage customers to share their opinion of the products/services of our client on social media and elsewhere. Based on the marketing budget of our client, we can organize contests or offer other incentives for posting positive reviews. As well as for sharing the reviews with friends and relatives.

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WOM Through Influencers

We can help identify the local influencers offline and online, based on their social media presence and other factors. To save time and effort, we can work on behalf of our client with these influencers to formulate a WOM marketing strategy to boost sales.

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