Location-Based Marketing Through Geofencing


Tapping into the Local Market

Though the value of the products purchased online has increased, most people are still spending a large part of their income offline. Many people shop at stores local to them. They may be purchasing products like groceries or services like haircuts. A majority of the internet marketing techniques aim to convert visitors to the website to leads. While geofencing is a comparatively new marketing technique. It’s used for targeting potential customers based on their physical location. This method takes advantage of the fact that a majority of the customers have a smartphone. geofencing increases the number of walk-in customers for a retail outlet when they are in the vicinity of the outlet.

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Customer Base and Message Type

Since most businesses do not have much experience in geofencing, Gorilla Gurus can help businesses of all sizes implement geofencing. The goal is to improve walk-in customers as well as sales. Based on the distance from the retail store and potential customer profile, the customer will see digital ads when they are in proximity of the shop or service provider. In addition to the digital ads, SMSes or email messages, usually with a promotional offer, can also be an option. We can use geofencing for visitors with either Android smartphones or iPhones.

Increasing Conversion Rate and Sales

In the last decade, geofencing has become one of the most popular marketing options. Especially for businesses selling mainly to local customers because of its high conversion rate. Customers who are already shopping, are more likely to visit a shop in the area if they getting a good discount. Since a large number of people are also using their smartphones to search online, we can combine this marketing method with retargeting. In turn, increasing the number of leads. If a person has visited the website of the local business, they will receive a message when they are in the vicinity of the business.

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Incorporating Video Marketing

In some cases, the email message or SMS, or notification for geofencing can also include a link. This is a great opportunity to include video marketing for a service or product. People often do not have the time or inclination to read text on their smartphones. Most people prefer to watch videos. Gorilla Gurus offers comprehensive video production services. We work closely with the local business to produce attractive videos which will help in increasing the conversion rate. We will closely track the response to the videos. To make changes to the videos if necessary and also optimize the geofencing strategy.

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Analyzing the Results 

Gorilla Gurus understands that many local businesses have a very limited marketing budget. So we will closely monitor the effectiveness of using geofencing for advertising. We will track the different advertising messages sent to the customers to check the conversion rate. Often customers are more likely to purchase a product or service if they receive an attractive discount. We will also analyze the profile and response of the smartphone users who have received the message. 

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