Everything you Need to Know About Marketing Your ECommerce Business

The Fast Growing eCommerce Market

Selling products and services to customers online remains one of the most lucrative methods of making money online. Shopping online is convenient for most people since they have a busy schedule. Many often do not have the time to visit offline stores. So if the online seller is offering better prices, they will find it easy to attract customers. Hence a large number of companies and individuals are starting eCommerce businesses. Like other businesses, the sales of the eCommerce business depends to a large extent on how well it is being marketed. Let’s discuss some of the most effective techniques for marketing an eCommerce business.

Digital Ads and Retargeting

A majority of eCommerce businesses are investing in digital ads to increase their sales. They usually prefer pay-per-click advertising (PPC) where the business has to pay for every visitor to their website. Often the online shopper will click on the digital ad only to get more information about the product or services. To improve conversion rate and for branding, the business should use retargeting. Ultimately, this will ensure that the visitor will see the business ads, every time they are online. Overall, most eCommerce businesses lack the expertise to manage their digital advertising. In this case, they can outsource the work to Gorilla Gurus. We have an experienced team for marketing eCommerce businesses.

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 The Role of SEO

If the eCommerce business has a limited budget, it should focus on Search engine optimization (SEO). In turn, this will help increase the number of high-quality visitors, without paying for every visitor. Providing a very detailed description of each product available can help in SEO. Additionally, the business should maximize the user-generated content on the website. One example of this type of content is customer reviews, which help in SEO. For this, the company can offer incentives to customers to write reviews. The business can also encourage customers to share reviews on social media, with their friends and business associates.

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Website Modification to Increase Conversion

Statistical data indicates that more than 60% of online shoppers are abandoning their shopping carts. Hence why e-commerce businesses should try to maximize their conversion rate. Gorilla Gurus works closely with our clients to optimize their website design. One main goal is increasing the number of orders. For this, our experienced staff will use the analytics data to track the behavior of visitors to the eCommerce store. Then we make the necessary changes to the website based on the findings. Additionally, the marketing team may suggest offering incentives. Some examples are free shipping or additional discounts to make online shopping more attractive.

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Video Production

One of the reasons why people do not buy a product online is because they do not get detailed instructions on how to use the product. Hence having detailed videos will help in increasing orders. The team at Gorilla Gurus specializes in video production. We work closely with the client’s team to finalize the video content and increase sales. Additionally using analytic data and keyword research, our team also specializes in content creation. This method will help in SEO as well improving the conversion rate. Along with retargeting, improved search engine ranking after SEO can help in branding which greatly increases online sales. 


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