The Power of Retargeting

Turning Vistors into Customers

Usually, a large number of businesses are selling the same product or service. So a business may spend a large amount on advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), or other promotion methods. Many are aiming to increase the number of visitors to the website. However, most internet users who are visiting a website for the first time do not convert into a lead or sale. They are usually just collecting information from the website. Then they can compare it with other competing businesses, before making a decision. One of the best ways to convert these visitors into a sale or lead is using retargeting. This is a marketing technique that has become popular in the last decade.


How Does Retargeting Work? 

Often internet users will show interest in purchasing a product or service but will forget the name of the website. So in re-targeting, the website will deposit a cookie on the computer or other device which the visitor is using to access the website. This allows the business to show its ads to the visitor, whenever he is using the internet. Even if they do not visit the business website. Even if the visitor does not convert into a sale, showing the advertisement to the potential customer helps in branding. It is also notable that the conversion rate for retargeted ads is usually higher than conventional advertising.


The Role of Social Media

Internet users are spending more time on social media websites. Usually, the users interacting with their friends and business associates. So showing them digital ads based on the website which they have visited can increase the leads generated at a far lower cost. We can use social media channels to collect personal information about visitors. This can help in geofencing to increase the conversion rate for local businesses. Gorilla Gurus realizes that most businesses are small. Many companies do not have the resources to implement retargeting. Hence we handle all aspects of retargeting for our clients to increase the leads generated.


The Importance of Website Design

One of the most important aspects of retargeting is the use of cookies. A website deposits cookies on the visitor’s gadget. Then the ad networks use this to show relevant ads. Hence the website design should include the use of cookies. Often due to the privacy laws in most countries, a website may deposit a cookie only after getting permission from the visitor. Gorilla Gurus staff will also closely watch the behavior of the website user. This is so we can optimize the website design, improve the content and maximize the conversion rate.


Video Production for Retargeting

In addition to attractive deals, increasingly businesses are preferring to incorporate video ads in the retargeting ads. Since more people are likely to click on the videos. For this, a business can utilize the video production services which Gorilla Gurus has provided to a large number of clients. We consider the marketing budget for the business and the type of products and services which are being sold. Then we work closely with the customer’s team to produce a relevant video. We also analyze the conversion rate for the different retargeting ads shown to the visitors and optimize the ads to make this the most cost-effective marketing technique.¬†

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