5 Ways Your Marketing Team Can Improve Your Sales

The success of a business depends to large extent on its ability to get more orders from customers. Most businesses have a marketing department for generating leads. While the sales department is responsible for converting the leads into orders. A majority of businesses can scale to fulfill all the orders received. So they always want to find out how to increase the number and value of the orders they get. Some ways the marketing department can increase the orders by collaborating with sales and by using feedback more effectively. Read on to learn more.


Sharing feedback and response from leads

The sales department will usually try to convert all the leads into orders. However, usually, a large number of leads do not convert into customers. Some reasons include: the customer finds that the price is too high, the specifications do not meet their requirement, negative feedback on social media, or other reasons. Often the marketing department is not aware of the reasons why the leads they generate do not convert into sales. Sharing the reasons for the non-conversion of leads will help the marketing department to modify their marketing strategy accordingly.


Introducing new products or services based on leads

Usually, it is possible to modify the products or services to meet the customer requirement. So the marketing department can work with the relevant department to create product variants after considering the market demand. For example, if the current specifications do not meet the customer requirement, Gorilla Gurus will help the marketing department in new content creation, providing details of new products or services which meet the customer requirement. We will also help in search engine optimization (SEO) of the new variants of the products/services to improve the ranking in search engines.


Improve SEO

The sales team is closely interacting with the existing customers and prospective customers. They are aware of the products or services which are in demand, which terms the customers are using while searching for a supplier, the problems which the customers may face. So using these terms the marketing team will work with Gorilla Gurus to ensure that the content of the website is optimal and includes these terms for SEO so that the website ranking improves.

To learn more about how Gorilla Gurus can use SEO to its maximum potential for your business, check out this article.  


Increasing customers prefer to watch videos to get more information on the product, how to use it, or troubleshoot any problem. The marketing department can use the feedback of the sales staff, to find out the videos which customers are looking for. They can also check the videos provided by the competitors. Then Gorilla Gurus can help in video production based on the input from the marketing team. We specialize in producing high-quality and attractive videos. Click here to find out more about the video services we offer and how they can benefit your business. If you are interested in our premium website design services, check out this page.


Website design

The marketing department should ensure that the website design is optimized to maximize the conversion rate. Using website analytics, the marketing team should closely monitor the behavior of website visitors, to find out what kind of information these visitors are looking for, why many visitors do not convert into leads. They can then suggest relevant changes in the website design, which the website designers in Gorilla Gurus can implement.

So optimizing the marketing plan for the business can increase sales to a great extent. Contact us today to get started!




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