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Why you should use video marketing


If a picture speaks a thousand words just imagine how much you can communicate to your potential customers through video marketing. Today’s internet is full of content. This is why many people prefer to watch a quick video to learn something rather than read a giant wall of text. If you want to propel your business above the competition, you should seriously consider leveraging video marketing as a part of your advertising campaign strategies.

Videos dominate social media marketing today. If you want to reach new customers through platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, then it’s vital to upload high-quality video productions. Videos actively work to attract new customers and build your brand online. Not only that, but YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine. It is still relatively easy to rank for competitive keywords on this platform. This means you can capture targeted traffic for keywords directly related to buying signs from your prospects with relative ease compared to traditional organic traffic.


Trust the pros for your video needs


Gorilla Gurus is on the cutting edge of video production. We are capable of delivering high-resolution projects and content tailored to your production and marketing specifications. We stay current with best practices and consumer expectations for graphic design. This is one reason why we’re uniquely equipped to handle all your video production needs.

Of course, anyone with a cell phone today can shoot their own videos and upload them online. However, to produce eye-catching results that look professional and that effectively communicate your offer is both an art and a science. Luckily the team at Gorilla Gurus have perfected that. To achieve the same results on your effort would require decades of hands-on video production experience. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try to make your own professional-looking video commercial yourself. You will find out that it is extremely difficult without a background in video production. It requires both a large degree of technical proficiency as well as a creative personality, which if we’re being honest is a rare combination of traits.


Planning to make the most of video marketing


Ad design may seem simple at first. Once you’re actually spending money on ads, it’s important that you make more than you spend. When you attempt to make your own ads without understanding the art and science behind modern advertising, the result is often a net loss. This may lead you to believe that ads just don’t work for your business. However, the professionals at Gorilla Gurus know that ad campaigns take careful, extensive planning, short-term and long-term strategies, and a clear vision from inception to campaign launch and beyond.

One great cost-effective way to run social media video ads is to compress your main pitch and branding. Its best if it plays within the first 5 seconds of the ad. This means that even though the majority of viewers may skip your ad, they will also see your brand and hear your 5-second elevator pitch for your product or service. Gorilla Gurus knows how to craft quick pitches. This assures that you have effective and concise ads that leave a lasting impression.


Don’t Go Bananas, Gorilla Gurus Has Your Covered


Any business trying to maximize their online presence should consider video content as part of their overall content strategy. The reality of the situation is that video is not going away. In fact, more and more businesses are utilizing it. That means that today you can get a competitive advantage by using video marketing. Although if you wait too long, doing video will just be catching up to “par for the course.” Don’t get left behind! Contact Gorilla Gurus today to discuss your unique business needs and our professional design and marketing solutions.


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