Win the Marketing War with User-Generated Content


Marketing your brand is a battle for time, attention, and interest. And you can’t win on your own.

Nobody likes ads. Whether you’re streaming videos, gaming, or just scrolling down your social media feed, digital ads tend to be interruptions. Most people just tend to skip or ignore ads. People don’t like anyone telling them what to do or buy, especially when they’re doing other stuff. However, people do get a kick from telling other people about what they did or bought, and getting in on a trend just to avoid FOMO.

What people respond to nowadays is marketing through encouraging stories. From the excitement you get hearing about a new product, app, or service, using or experiencing it for the first time, to finding a community of people who can relate to your experience.

That’s why user-generated content is the way of the future in marketing.


Build Hype Around Your Brand

User-generated content makes your marketing strategy more real, relatable, and readily available for countless users. There are many seeking out brands like yours. As well as many others who don’t know what they want yet. Having your brand be trending on social media, seeing influencers tweet about it, or reading reviews about it generates excitement in what you have to offer, reaching both the interested and those yet to notice your brand.

Traditional digital ads are like flyers. It’s easier to throw them away after getting them than to keep them for later or stopping to read them there and then. What you want is the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth. Essentially, you want people to seek out your brand just because of the interest around it.


Don’t Let Robots Run Your Branding

Brand managers who are new to the game may rely too much on ad features in social media in reaching their target demographic. What they don’t get is that reaching them is only less than half of the battle. Ads bombard people every day and users generally scroll past them or look for the skip button.

It takes real people to reach people. Videos that capture the current zeitgeist and pictures that invite opinions and discussions. As well as personalities simply talking to their social media followers about their experiences. These are great ways to get people hyped about your brand. It takes a dedicated team skilled in content creation, video production, and search engine optimization (SEO) to realize your vision for your brand.


Assemble Your Team

Marketing on the internet can be tough, especially with millions of digital ads competing for attention, and the very limited time and interest people have for entertaining them. Contrary to popular belief, most trending topics don’t just pop up organically.

It takes skill, planning, and real people who understand and know your brand to generate hype. That’s why you need expert knowledge on how to make your brand and digital presence known in the most exciting, most effective way possible.

Gorilla Gurus specialize in generating content that, while generating interest in your brand, does not get lost in a stream of digital ads. Our aim is for your brand to reach the top of searches for relevant topics, to build hype, and encourage discussions and stories which will catapult your brand into recognition.

There’s a war out there for attention. And it is yours to win with the right tools, the right strategy, and the right team: GorillaGurus.

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