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Why Geofencing is One of the Best Marketing Strategies


Geofencing is a recent technique that has become an effective way to target new customers in the most efficient manner possible. It allows businesses to reach out to their customers in a more tailored fashion than before. Through strategically placed advertisements they can create interaction right on the go. Geofencing advertisement happens through mobile apps and websites, as well as Google Maps and Apple Maps.

This strategy has become quite popular in recent years, and for good reason. If used correctly, geofencing can be one of the most effective marketing strategies one might employ. But why might it be the best option for a business? Let’s explore this phenomenon further.


Benefits of Geofencing Marketing Tampa


It’s more mobile-friendly


This is the first of many benefits that a business can gain from using geofencing in their marketing campaign. Because it acts as an interactive digital billboard, businesses can send out their messages in the most convenient way possible for their target audience. You no longer need to be in front of your TV or computer, but you can now receive advertisements on your mobile device through GPS tracking and location-based apps.


Enable local sales


Another benefit that a business can gain through the use of geofencing marketing is the ability to increase its sales at local stores. While this may seem like a minor detail on the surface, it plays a pivotal role in how effective your geofencing marketing campaign will be overall.

If you are using geofencing marketing to target customers who are within walking distance of your store, you will instantly have access to more customers than if you were targeting those who aren’t. The same goes for customers who are already in the store, as well as customers who got into your store through online marketing or roaming. The more customers you can direct to your business, the better your chances of making a sale will be.


Increase sales and customer retention


Another benefit that a business can gain from using geofencing marketing is the increased revenue they can bring into their business on an ongoing basis through the use of these location-based advertisements. This not only allows you to make more sales but also helps your customer retention rate.


Increase customer satisfaction


Geofencing Tampa also plays an important role in how good a customer feels about your business. This is because it increases the likelihood that they will leave a product or service review on your business’s listing, which is an important metric for businesses to look at when determining their ratings on sites like Yelp and Google+.

By adding this increased amount of information that customers can provide, you increase the number of consumer reviews you receive as well. Consider this added benefit when deciding whether or not geofencing Tampa would be useful in your marketing strategy.


Better brand awareness


Online marketing Tampa is important to how a business will be able to spread the word about their product or service. Sending out advertisements to close-by target customers creates a better sense of awareness for your product or service. This is because you will have more eyes on you and your business than if you had targeted customers in a further location.



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The key is to send out advertisements that people can interact within a way that makes it fun and easy for them, without being too overbearing or disruptive. If your target audience responds well to your advertisements, you will then be able to maximize the benefits that geofencing has to offer your business.

Gorilla Gurus is well-versed in the geofencing technologies and the best marketing strategies that can help us to bring more people to your business. Contact us today to get started by scheduling your free consultation.



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