Ways to Transform Brand Perception

When considering a purchase, consumers not only think of price but also the brand. People are more likely to buy a product from a company whose brand they are familiar with. These consumers have either purchased the product before. Or have seen advertising featuring the product, so that it seems familiar. Hence companies are investing large amounts of money on branding. Especially if the service or product was recently launched. Let’s go over some of the popular marketing strategies used for improving brand perception.


One of the most important aspects of branding is that people should be familiar with the product/service which is being sold. Most people visit the local grocery store or supermarket only once or twice a week. But they are likely to view advertisements several times a day on television, websites, social media. So advertising the brand extensively on multiple channels, so that people become familiar with the brand is one of the most effective branding methods. Gorilla Guru works closely with our clients to develop the most cost-effective online advertising strategy. This way customers will view the product and brand information repeatedly. In turn, they become familiar with the brand.

Improve customer experience

Though some businesses may spend a large amount on advertising to make people aware of the brand, they often find that they do not get the desired results in terms of increased sales. This may be because the quality of the product or service is not good enough. Or the customers are not happy with customer support. So it is important to improve the customer experience so that they get the product they expect and become repeat customers. One of the best methods of monitoring customer feedback is using social media since customers are posting their positive as well as negative reviews on social media. Some businesses may not have the resources to monitor social media. Gorilla Gurus can use the latest tools for monitoring popular social media for their clients. This will help the business get honest feedback from customers, and improve or make changes if required.

Popularity and influencers

People are more likely to buy a brand that is popular and used by many people they know. The general perception is that if a product or brand is popular it must be of good quality. Endorsement by popular celebrities or influencers can also help in branding. Hence businesses should focus on content creation highlighting the large and diverse customer base. The content should also show how they are extremely happy with the service/product. The Gorilla Gurus team will help the business in creating compelling content, which showcases the popularity of the brand. We can also help in video production. The videos can feature the testimonials of the customers as well as promotional branding videos for sharing on social media. Our experienced staff can also modify the website design so that the logo and brand are prominently displayed. The website can include testimonials of satisfied customers and promotional videos.

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