Using Digital Ads to Upgrade Your Marketing


Online marketing has become pretty much essential for successful content distribution in the present day. This may be because the internet is such a prominent part of our lives. However, this also means companies have to compete with other online marketing campaigns to stand out. As well as competing to retain the loyalty of their consumers. The inclusion of digital ads improves a company’s marketing because it allows the content to be quickly distributed on the internet. This ensures it reaches a wide range of demographics.

Digital Ads, Social Media, and Branding

This makes digital ads perfect for social media because as of early 2021, Facebook has 2.80 billion monthly users. Not to mention, Twitter has 353.1 million monthly users and Instagram has 1.074 billion users. Digital ads are perfect for these sites because fast-scrolling consumers will see them and not have to digest huge chunks of information at once. Instead, bright colors, bold fonts, and catchy phrases can capture their attention. In turn, causing users to remember the company so that they can research it in detail later on.

This improves marketing because it allows a company to set up multiple online presences’ at once on different social media sites. Businesses can even distribute several ads at the same time and get their content seen by as many people as possible.

The Role of Geofencing

The use of digital ads also upgrades marketing because it initiates geofencing to better target potential consumers. By basing marketing around a specific location, there is a unique personalization to the content you distribute. Social media sites are crucial for geofence marketing because they help a brand reach more people. As well as create an online geographical space for businesses to thrive locally.

Digital Ads for Retargeting

Social media can also be useful for retargeting marketing for companies that already have an existing following. Digital ads, which can be specifically marketed thanks to geofencing and the existence of social media, are part of the retargeting marketing strategy. They act as reminders of a company’s products or content. Properly constructing digital ads to fit the retargeting strategy means that online consumers don’t forget about your business. This also ensures consumers feel confident about a company.

The “rule of 7” in marketing specifies that prospective consumers should see your marketing message at least seven times before they make a purchase. So distributing retargeted digital ads online, chiefly through social media, builds visibility for a brand. Geofence marketing makes these retargeted ads even more relevant for businesses.

Hiring a Marketing Agency for Digital Ads

It is beneficial to hire a marketing agency to produce these digital ads and upgrade your brand’s marketing. Hire experienced specialists who can help turn your ideas into condensed, marketable announcements. Marketing agencies specialize in graphic design, website design, video production, and content creation. So hiring these services will ensure that every aspect of your content is perfect.

The King of Digital Ads: Gorilla Gurus

Gorilla Gurus is a unique marketing agency because we specialize in Guerilla Marketing. We focus on creative content marketing strategies that may be unconventional. Our services include social media advertising, video content, website design, and branding. We tailor all our marketing content to your requests. Then bring it together under the umbrella of digital advertising. We offer different packages depending on the services that you require. Everything we produce for your digital content is cohesive and thoroughly marketed to ensure a prominent online presence for your brand.

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