The Impact of Social Media on Your Marketing

Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Businesses of all sizes spend time and money on their website. Some hire an agency for web design since they plan to use their website for marketing their business. These businesses are aware that search engines will send visitors to the website if it ranks well in the search engine results. So they are spending money on search engine optimization (SEO). Yet these businesses should be aware that internet users are increasingly spending more of their time on social media websites because of their interactive nature. Hence businesses should consider that social media channels are very effective for finding new customers. The importance of social media for marketing a business is worth exploring.

Networking Through Social Media

One of the reasons why social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin are extremely popular is because anyone can create an account, and post for free. These websites take care of all the technical requirements and allow the user to connect with people they already know socially and professionally. They can also use their existing network to make more social and professional connections. People are more likely to trust the recommendations of a person they know personally, compared to advertising. This makes marketing through social media more effective. Gorilla Gurus helps businesses of all sizes use social media for marketing to increase sales.

Logo Design and Graphic Design Services

Since many people will check each social media account, the business must have an attractive logo. A logo should be memorable. Gorilla Gurus offers a variety of logo design packages to suit the budget of each business. Social media users are notorious for their short attention span. Thus each social media post should have well-designed graphics to attract users. Our graphic design services will ensure that the social media posts for our clients will have attractive and relevant graphics. Our designs complement the marketing message our client wishes to convey.

Reviews and Feedback Through Social Media

Most businesses invest in SEO since customers use search to find suppliers of the services or products they wish to purchase. However, these customers will usually use social media to find reviews or feedback about the item they wish to buy. This is especially true for consumers or retail customers. Hence businesses should use social media to get feedback and reviews of their products. They can use this information for improvement and marketing. Additionally, social media can be also used to get information about competing products, businesses and services, feedback and features

Our Social Media Services and Packages

Our social media marketing packages include content creation for the social media accounts of our clients. We charge a one time set up fee for opening an account on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. We also offer marketing packages which include three posts weekly in each social media channel based on the products which our client wishes to sell. The social media account can greatly help a business in branding. This ensures more people become aware of the business, the products, services it sells. This will also improve lead generation since customers are more likely to contact a business they trust for any service/product which they wish to purchase. Contact us today to get started on your business’ social media presence.

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