The Perks of Using Geofencing for Marketing

Geofencing is a form of local digital marketing where you add virtual boundaries to your physical property through the use of software. Geofencing is often used for mobile marketing, but can also be useful in other different aspects of marketing such as landing pages and ads within social media platforms. 


The Benefits of Using Geofencing For Marketing


1. Allows for more personal interactions with customers

Customers want to know more about your products, but they oftentimes lack the courage to ask you about them directly. Geofencing allows you to send push notifications and SMS text messages directly to the customers when they are near your physical or virtual location. This way, you can give them information that may assist them in making the right buying decision. In turn, this will likely make them into regular clients of yours.


2. More relevant content helps boost conversion rates

It is important to give your customers relevant and new content. If you have a physical or virtual store, use digital marketing Tampa to direct your customers to a page featuring products that are most likely to interest them. You can also send them coupons and other discounts close to the time of their visit when they are most likely going to make the purchases.


3. Helps boost brand reputation

As the owner of a brick-and-mortar store, you have better access to your customers than most other marketers. You can use geofencing to send targets messages to boost your reputation. People will trust you more if they know that you are thinking about them when they’re near your physical location.



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4. Helps promote mobile phone consumption

Geofencing can help you promote your products through mobile consumption. Use the push notifications to get potential clients to download the apps on your store’s website, and use marketing agency Tampa within your ads to direct them towards a coupon or other offers related to the app.


5. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy

Online marketing Tampa is a cheap marketing strategy. It is important to note that you do not need to be present physically to use geofencing. You can have the codes placed on your digital assets, and wait for consumers to come within your virtual boundary and then engage with them. Since it’s cheaper than other forms of marketing, geofencing can help you grow your business at a faster rate than expected.


6. Customers tend to trust brands more after engaging with a product or service

When you use geofencing Tampa, you can offer your customers information and incentives that they may not have known about before making the purchase. This way, they are more likely to believe the claims you make while they are shopping in the store or online. It is also easier for them to trust you since they have already engaged with one of your products before making the purchase.


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