Social Media Campaign Packages in Tampa


Social Media Marketing in Tampa and Beyond

Research indicates that most internet users spend a large part of their time online on various social media websites. Hence, businesses of all sizes in Tampa, Florida, and elsewhere are allocating a part of their online marketing budget for marketing through social media. The social media strategy for a business varies. Overall, it depends on different factors like the kind of products or services sold, target audience, size, and age of the business. Thus, why businesses would like to find out the various social media campaign packages available. Especially in the Tampa area which Gorilla Gurus serves. Most importantly, businesses need to choose the right package for their needs.

The Right Fit For Every Business

Gorilla Gurus are social media specialists. We are an experienced team that handles social media marketing(SMM) for businesses of all sizes. We recognize that if your target audience is younger people, social media is your most effective marketing option. While industrial products may need basic SMM, usually a Linkedin account is adequate. So we offer different packages to match the budget and business profile of the client. For all the packages, we will create an account on the most popular social media websites. These include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and n Linkedin.

Content is King

Updating the social media accounts regularly with new and interesting content is vital. We realize that most businesses do not have the resources to produce high-quality content for social media. Hence we charge a fee for content creation. For example, three posts weekly may be a good frequency for your business. For better branding, it is important to ensure that social media profiles attract more followers. As well as track the effectiveness of the SMM. So we offer different packages which vary in the extent of the marketing resources used.


Social Media Packages Offered

The basic package will only include regular updates. While the enhanced package will also monitor the response to the posts, reply to them, and try to increase the number of visitors. The high-quality content created will help in search engine optimization (SEO) for the business website. Especially if the posts have links to the business website. Digital ads for the company can include social media details. In turn, the potential clients can follow the business on social media and receive updates. The premium package includes optimizing the social media profiles to maximize the number of leads and orders which are being generated.


Retargeting and Social Media

Increasingly, retargeting is becoming the most effective way of improving the conversion rate for businesses. Overall, this is a good option as opposed to using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. We can modify the website design to incorporate cookies. In turn, this makes it easy to track the website visitors when they use social media and make suitable offers to them. Most internet users check social media postings regularly. Even if they do not visit the business website, it is easy to track their activities and show them relevant ads. Gorilla Gurus works closely with our business clients, to finalize the retargeting ad content so that the ads are extremely effective in converting the website visitors into customers.

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