Seeding Organic Word of Mouth Marketing

Cost-Effective Marketing


Most of the conventional marketing methods used by businesses to increase awareness about their products and services are fairly expensive. They usually involve advertising the product using videos, flyers, online advertising. Moreover, the business sometimes has to pay for every lead which is being generated. Due to the economic crisis, many businesses are unable to spend much money on marketing and are looking for alternative cost-effective methods for business promotion. Gorilla Gurus can help the business generate leads using word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing. This method is becoming increasingly popular since it is comparatively cheaper.


 The Power Of Word of Mouth Marketing


Traditionally, if customers are happy with a product or service they will recommend it to their friends or associates in conventional WOM marketing. If asked for advice, they will recommend the business. In the past, people would give these recommendations verbally. WOM helps with branding, improving the reputation of the business. It is now possible for Gorilla Gurus, a well-established marketing agency to use several highly effective WOM marketing techniques to help businesses grow. Our techniques can increase awareness about the products or services at a business, at a very affordable cost.


 Samples and Online Reviews


Businesses have offered free product samples for many years. As a result, people become aware of the product and try it. After sampling, it is now possible for users to post reviews of the products which they have used. If a user has a large number of followers for their social media account or a popular website, the review is viewable by a large number of people. In turn, the viewers may then purchase the product, especially if it has positive reviews. Now businesses are offering free samples to influencers, which allows them to review the product, and then post reviews.


 Finding the Right Influencer


Gorilla Gurus helps businesses in seeding organic word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. We specialize in helping to identify the influencers who will best help in marketing the business. Depending on the product or services which are being sold, the influencer profile will be different. For example for clothes, a reputed fashion blogger will be a good seed. While for gadgets a tech blogger would be a good choice. Many bloggers are willing to post reviews in exchange for free samples. After identifying the influencers, we will also monitor their social media account for reviews and share the feedback with our client.


 Guerilla Marketing Tactics


We will also use some guerilla marketing techniques for generating leads for our clients. If competing businesses have negative reviews, we will recommend our client’s services or products as a better option for the disgruntled customer. We also help our clients get more leads. For example, helping them get referrals from their existing customers. Also, we can formulate an online referral program. These programs reward a customer for referring a new customer to the business using a unique referral link. We can also plan a referral program offline. Customers can receive an incentive for posting reviews of the business online. This may be on review websites or social media, which will generate more orders for the business. Contact us today to get started! 


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