Retargeting to Increase Conversion Rates

An Effective Marketing Technique

Many people are using online sources for finding reliable suppliers or service providers. In turn, businesses are using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for attracting new visitors to their business website. The goal is to generate new leads and orders.

Statistical data indicates that less than 5% of these first-time visitors to the website will convert into customers. This is because they are mainly searching for information. These visitors will also usually visit the competitor’s website to collect information. Which they will then compare and make a decision. In some cases, the user will often postpone the purchase, until he is shown a reminder to do so.

So in the last few years, retargeting has become one of the most effective online marketing techniques. It helps businesses greatly improve their conversion rate from online advertising. This is especially true when compared to more expensive PPC advertising.


With retargeting, when the potential customer clicks the ad, will visit another website, which is partnering with the ad network. They will see an advertisement of the business selling a product or service which they have viewed before in. This will help in branding the business. There are platforms for measuring the effectiveness of retargeting like ad roll. They show the conversion rate for these retargeted ads. Hence it is important to ensure that the retargeted ad is properly designed with attractive offers. In turn, improving the conversion rate.

Website design

The business should have an attractive and memorable logo that they can use on their website as well as the retargeting ads. This will help remind the customer that they were planning to buy the service/product. If a business does not have a logo or finds that its logo is not attractive enough, Gorilla Gurus can design a suitable logo to match the business profile. Gorilla Gurus can also modify the website design to include the script provided by the ad networks so that the visitors can be tracked using cookies on their device.


The search engine optimization ( SEO ) services offered by Gorilla Gurus can help improve the ranking of the business website in the major search engines like Google and Bing. Though it may take some time for the results to be visible. Typically it will take at least three months for the business website, to improve its ranking. Since most businesses cannot afford to wait for months to get new leads, they are usually opting for PPC advertising. However, the cost of PPC advertising is high. So the business should consider re-targeting to improve the conversion rate.


A large number of internet users are preferring to use smartphones for accessing the internet. Thus geofencing is an option for businesses to improve their conversion rate. When a potential customer is in the vicinity of a particular advertiser’s address, they will see advertisements related to the business. So that he is more likely to visit the business to purchase the service/product available. Geofencing is very useful for local retail businesses. Many customers will search for sellers online, yet visit the store for purchasing the item which they require.

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