The Best Strategies for Remarketing a Small Enterprise


 Gaining New Clients and Leads

Research indicates that less than 3% of the customers who visit any website for the first time are likely to convert or make a purchase. Also once a customer has purchased items or service from a website and are happy with the quality, they are far more likely to buy more from the same website. Hence businesses are increasingly focusing on remarketing. One main goal is to increase the conversion rate for its website and acquire new customers. Smaller businesses have limited funds available. Hence why many would like to know the best strategies for remarketing to generate leads and orders. Gorilla Gurus has many years of experience in remarketing to help small businesses. we help our clients get new customers while spending less.

 Advertising Design

For remarketing to visitors on a business website, targeted ads should feature the product of interest. The advertisement will have the business branding to remind the potential buyer where the item is available. In turn, the customer visits the website again to complete the sale. Hence it is important to have an attractive logo that will remind the buyer of the business. Gorilla Gurus offers custom made logo design options to match the business profile and marketing budget. We can also redesign an existing logo to make it more attractive.


 Increase Conversion Rate

The aim of remarketing is to increase the conversion rate. In addition to designing the website for remarketing, it is also important to ensure that the website design is optimized to maximize the conversion rate. It should be easy for the customer to place an order or contact the business. The remarketing should show the specific product or service the buyer shows interest in. It is also advisable to track buyer activity on the website. For example when he stopped in the process of shopping so that the proper advertisement can appear.


 Social Media 

In addition to Google ads, remarketing is widely used on social media websites. Since most internet users spend many hours on social media. Advertising using social media is also usually cheaper. However, Gorilla Gurus ensures that the remarketing advertisements appear only twice or thrice a day to the potential customer. This is to avoid annoying the visitor. While display ads are widely used, video ads can also be effective for remarketing. This is especially true if they contain special offers. We handle all aspects of video production for our clients and provide the video file which they can reuse.


Advertising Options 

Gorilla Gurus realizes that most small businesses only have limited resources. We can manage and optimize the remarketing campaign to get the best results for our clients. We will periodically review the conversion rate for each remarketing campaign. If needed, we make changes to get better results. In some cases, businesses are only interested in local customers. So we will set the parameters for the remarketing campaign accordingly to prevent wasting money. In addition to online advertising, print media, mailers, banners can be useful to advertise the business. In turn, this can increase the number of visitors to the website. These visitors can convert into customers using properly chosen remarketing ads.


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