Marketing Strategies to Fuel the Growth of Your Business


The marketing strategy which a business adopts depends to a large extent on the size of the marketing budget. Businesses that have more funds available can use expensive methods for lead generation. Marketing methods like pay per click (PPC) or television advertising. Other businesses which have a limited budget will have to spend time and effort to use inexpensive marketing. The main goal is to make more people aware of their existence. Online marketing is usually far cheaper than offline marketing for most businesses. Let’s talk about some of the most effective online marketing strategies for generating high-quality leads.


 Using Social Media for Growth

In the last decade, social media has become one of the most popular and cost-effective marketing tools. Many businesses use it for lead generation as well as branding. Businesses of all sizes can create and update their social media accounts free. Most companies use social media to interact with their customers who are also using the same social media channel. They can post updates and useful information to generate new leads and orders. Gorilla Gurus will create the account on the social media channels, and update it regularly. To reach new customers, our staff will find influencers who will share the content. 

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Optimizing Your Business Website 

Generally speaking, the majority of businesses have a website. Though these websites are usually not optimized to maximize the leads generated and conversion rate. Search engines also consider the loading time for the website while ranking the website. So you should consider hiring Gorilla Gurus for modifying your website design. We can increase the conversion rate and reduce the loading time, which will have many benefits. The improved design will help in search engine optimization abbreviated as SEO. In turn, increasing the number of visitors sent to the business website from popular search engines. As well as the number of leads generated.

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Video Production for Marketing

Video tutorials and other promotional videos have become one of the most popular marketing techniques for businesses of all sizes. Useful and interesting videos often become viral. In turn, making a large number of people aware of the business and help in branding. However, a majority of businesses do not have staff experienced in video production. Luckily, they can outsource the entire process of video production to Gorilla Gurus. Our experienced team will research the client’s business to find relevant topics for the videos. After getting approval from the marketing team, we will produce high-quality videos. We will take care of all aspects of video production from scripting to editing.

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SEO and Website Optimization

Additionally, another main factor that affects the search ranking of a website is the content and backlinks. Our specialized marketing team will find the high-traffic keywords and check the ranking for these keywords. High-quality content creation can help in improving the ranking for these keywords. For local businesses, we can help them in digital marketing by listing the business in directories and review websites. So that potential customers can find them. Since a large number of people are using smartphones, we can also implement geofencing. As well as other methods to encourage customers to visit the local business when they are in the vicinity of the business.

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