Leverage the Power of Guerilla Marketing and Take Business Next Level


The business world is evolving fast, giving rise to marketing firms that offer unique and reliable content. Simply put, they design, create and offer small businesses the right marketing solutions. If you deal with a larger group of clients, using guerilla marketing can be an excellent approach. It allows you to gain access to business progress and prospective customers effortlessly.

Guerilla marketing campaigns are effective in helping your business go viral quickly. Along with helping build partnerships, and create unique and memorable advertising experiences. Overall, this low-cost marketing strategy helps you to reach your target audience faster and receive positive feedback.


Features of Guerrilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is a complex term that many people fail to define. However, if you look keenly, you can identify guerilla marketing campaigns almost everywhere. The perfect way to identify them is by looking at the features. Which include:

·The element of surprise: Guerilla marketing campaigns provide unconventional interactions with the target audience. One way is through surprising or shocking the audience.

·Cost-effective: Guerilla marketing generally thrives on low-cost tactics.

·Highly interactive: This type of marketing relies on experiences and emotions. Above all, it compels the target audiences to join the campaigns.

·Proactive: Since it relies on emotions and experiences, guerilla campaigns are usually proactive.

·Applicable in B2C: Emotions can be a tremendous driving force behind B2C.


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6 Examples of Guerilla Marketing Campaigns

Furthermore, when your marketing strategies aren’t compelling enough, it might be the right moment to try something different, like guerilla marketing campaigns. But where do you begin? Well, working with a marketing agency like Gorilla Gurus can help you leverage the benefits of some effective guerilla marketing tactics, including:

Publicity stunts –

Overall, nothing is more attention-grabbing than an excellent public stunt. Even with the lowest budget, public stunts performed by a creative team can get your brand on top of the map. Generally speaking, you can implement these stunts virtually anywhere, including local communities, streets, live television, etc.

Stencil Graffiti Artworks –

While they might seem smaller in size, they have a significant impact because they can be created in limited spaces or multiple locations in the shortest time possible. You can try it out when you want to introduce a newer product on the market.

Flash Mobs –

You might have noticed photographers putting together groups of people in a particular location to pause for their photography projects. Well, flash mobs are an excellent guerilla marketing campaign strategy that has a higher audience affinity. Furthermore, you can even include prominent celebrities to attract more audience.

Creative Viral Videos –

These are excellent guerilla marketing strategies that you can use to draw the attention of your target audiences. For example, one way to achieve that is by simplifying a complex video and including humor to promote your brand.

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Social Media –

Today, virtually everyone with a smartphone and internet connectivity is on one or several social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. Using guerilla marketing campaigns such as posting brand-based videos, photos and even creating interactive pages can be a fantastic way to connect with your target audience.

Branding –

Another common type of guerilla marketing campaign is branding which is also effective in helping your business stand out in a saturated market while giving you credibility. 

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, using these six guerilla marketing strategies can make your business go viral quicker.  In turn, helping attracts more clients and increase profits. Don’t forget to work with industry leaders like Gorilla Gurus to reap the maximum benefits of guerilla marketing. Contact us today for a free consultation. 



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