Influencer Marketing vs. Content Marketing: Which is Best

Companies of all sizes are aware that branding usually helps in increasing sales. This is because people are more likely to buy a product or service from a brand they are familiar with. While social media and advertising are useful for branding, advertising is an expensive method for branding since the company has to pay every time the advertisement shows. Hence businesses have an interest in using other marketing options. Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing for branding are becoming more popular. Since a business may have limited resources, it’s wise to compare content and influencer marketing to choose the right option.

Content marketing

Businesses should be aware that content marketing common for branding. It is a very comprehensive term that includes all the content created by the business for branding. It includes influencer marketing. If the business website has high-quality content, it will help in search engine optimization (SEO). Content helps the website rank well in search engines. In addition to generating more leads and orders, SEO can also help in branding. This is because more people are aware of the business. The products and services, when it appears on the first page of the search engine results.

Gorilla Gurus helps our clients in content creation. Our services help the websites rank well in search engines. In addition to creating text content based on business-related keywords, we also create graphics and video content for marketing. We work closely with the marketing team of our client, for video production, creating videos that promote the business’ brands, products, and services. The content is for the business website, social media channels, and other marketing channels. It helps the business reach the largest number of people and improves brand awareness.

Influencer marketing

Though influencer marketing is comparatively new, it has become very effective for marketing and branding specific types of products. While earlier companies were using celebrities for promoting their products, research indicates that many people do not trust these celebrity endorsements. These people are aware that the celebrities being paid for endorsements. Hence companies are increasingly using influencers, those who have a large number of followers on social media for promoting their products/services. The followers trust the influencers and more likely to purchase the products they endorse.

Influencer marketing is usually cheaper than celebrity endorsements for most brands. It is also a very effective form of target marketing for certain kinds of products. There are a large number of products/services which are consumed by younger people. These customers are easily influenced by their role models or idols. These young people are using social media extensively, so influencer marketing can greatly increase sales. Gorilla Gurus helps with influencer marketing for our clients. By selecting the influencers, finalizing the videos or other content, and regularly updating the social media channels.

For industrial or business products purchased by businesses, the buyer is more likely to focus on the specifications and price of the service/product. In that case, we focus on content marketing for our clients selling these products. It depends on the type of business and what products and services they offer, whether content marketing or influencer market would be most effective.
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