How to Hire a Marketing Agency


Businesses both big and small need proper marketing to grow and reach their full potential. Some companies have a full marketing department to handle all their marketing needs, but this isn’t practical for all businesses. For those who need to outsource marketing tasks, hiring a marketing agency is the way to go. These agencies employ a team of marketing experts that can customize and manage a campaign to suit any type of business, but how does one go about finding the right agency? Read on to find out some important steps to take when hiring a marketing agency.


Identify What You Are Looking to Accomplish

Nearly all businesses are looking to increase sales and revenue but before hiring a marketing agency it’s a good idea to pinpoint more specific goals. For example: instead of saying “our goal is to increase sales”, look more directly at the issues you need to solve to reach that goal. That issue could be a lack of visitors to your online or physical store. By pinpointing your objectives, you are also identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) that can help you analyze how successful future marketing campaigns are. It’s also important to identify your goals to make sure you are only signing up for the services you need and will be useful to your business. Top-tier marketing agencies often offer customized packages made to fit each business.


Consider Reviews and Personal References

It’s likely that as a business owner or manager you have friends that also own or manage businesses and respect their professional opinions. Just like you may ask a friend or colleague where to get the best service for anything from car maintenance to dry cleaning, it’s wise to seek personal referrals for marketing services. You may even want to reach out to businesses in your industry to ask about their experience with marketing agencies. Furthermore, using the power of the internet you can search for reviews about marketing agencies you may be considering. Taking these testimonials into account could be very useful in finding the right agency.

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Meet With The Agency’s Team

Whether the meeting is in person or by phone/ video call, a meeting can be very informative when selecting a marketing agency. A meeting is much more personal than simply exchanging emails and it allows you to further gauge if they are the right fit. Most clients work very closely with their marketing agency, communicating frequently. It’s important to find out if you get along well with the team members of the agency you hire. Also, a meeting gives you and the agency more opportunity to set proper expectations and the level of involvement you will have as a client.

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 If you are searching for a marketing agency for your business, these tips are vital in making sure you get the right one. Gorilla Gurus is a top-rated, Tampa-based agency offering a wide range of marketing services to fit any business. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to discussing your business goals and helping you accomplish them.



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