How to Find Your Target Audience

Advertising to the Right People

Most businesses are spending a large amount on online and offline advertising. They hope that potential customers or leads will view the advertising and purchase their product or service. Often the people who are viewing the advertisement do not require the product. For example, people with no children may see advertising for baby products. In this case, the advertising is a waste.

For offline advertising, it is very difficult to track who has viewed the advertisement. In contrast, for online advertising, the ability to use ad targeting is far better. Analytics can be useful to make sure you are reaching your target audience.


What is a Target Audience?

Your target audience consists of people who require and will purchase the product or service. Showing the advertisement mainly to the target audience will greatly improve the conversion rate, and reduce the advertising expenses. Hence a business needs to identify the target audience for their product or services. Many companies have mainly used offline advertising methods for lead generation. Gorilla Gurus helps businesses in all industry sectors to use online marketing effectively to reach their target audience at a low cost. In turn, generating high-quality leads and greatly improving the conversion rate.


Social Media’s Role in Targeting 

We work closely with the marketing and sales team to profile the existing customers as well as decision-makers. These are the ones who decide which product or service to purchase. The Gorilla Gurus team then uses social media to locate people whose profile matches that of the potential customers. Most of the social media websites have a detailed profile of their users, including their age, gender, income, social and professional network. This information is useful for advertisers who can target their advertisements accordingly. The feedback for competitors on social media websites can also be useful to locate potential customers.

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Optimize Your Website with Analytic Software 

Internet users who have an interest in purchasing products or services sold by the business will visit the business website for more information. That’s why it’s important to optimize website design, to maximize the number of leads generated. The marketing team should use the analytics software to identify the pages which the website visitors check and how much is time spent. The website can also gather the location of the visitors, and try to persuade the visitor to at least leave their email address if they do not wish to use the contact form. The email addresses are usable for email marketing at a later date.

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Branding Made Easier

Identifying the target audience can also help in branding at a lower cost. Showing the advertisements repeatedly or marketing the product or services to potential customers, is likely to increase trust. In turn, the person is more likely to purchase the product or service. For offline businesses selling mainly to local customers, geofencing is a way to alert the locals when they are close to the retail store. These ads can inform them about the latest deals and discounts.

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Gorilla Gurus helps in branding and geo-fencing for businesses of all sizes. We can also help identify the target audience. If you identify the potential customers, the business can reduce the cost of lead generation to a great extent. This way money is not wasted on advertising or marketing to customers who are not likely to purchase the product or service. Contact us today to find out more about these services and many more.



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