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How Proper Branding Can Make or Break Your Business


Have you ever noticed how multiple brands can all be selling very similar items but at different price points? You may have even thought about how some brands are just overall more successful when if their product is not unique or competitively priced. The simple answer to why this happens is branding. Using proper branding and marketing techniques, companies can blow away the competition. If you are managing or running a business, it’s important to realize how branding affects your business’ success.

What is Branding?

Most business owners understand the basic concepts of branding. In short, branding is the process of creating and shaping your brand perception in the minds of consumers. This process links images, symbols, ideas, and feelings to your products, services, and overall your company. In a way, branding is both an art and a science. Through this continual process, you can make your brand distinct and memorable. In turn, this can help you attract and retain loyal customers.

How to Brand Your Business the Right Way:


Logo, Slogan, and Brand Personality

One of the first steps is to decide what the logo and slogan for your company are going to be. When you think of popular brands, you can probably recall their logo and slogan very easily. That’s the power of branding! Another important thing to consider is what personality you want your company to have. Choose wisely when deciding these things as they can have a huge effect on your business. It’s a good idea to consult marketing professionals and graphic designs when completing this step.

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Determine Your Target Audience and Position Your Product

One should never underestimate the importance of finding your target audience. You can have the best products, content, and marketing campaigns in the world but what if the right people aren’t seeing them? You get the idea. It’s vital that your brand is being noticed by the people who will appreciate it. Once you have found your target audience, you need to position your product/ services correctly. Using the correct channels and methods will lead to success. But many factors determine which channels and methods will work best for your business.

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Branding Agency Tampa

Some businesses choose to handle all their marketing needs in-house and that may even include branding. For other companies, outsourcing this task might be necessary. Being that branding is complex and needs to be continually handled, hiring a branding agency can save you a lot of time and money. In order to handle this yourself, you may need to spend many hours researching how to do it. As the adage goes, time is money! So leave it to the pros at Gorilla Gurus. We can help you improve your branding or even start from scratch. We have a highly skilled team with years of experience in the art of branding.

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