How Ads Influence Consumer Behavior

Branding and Advertising

Advertising is a way of informing people about a business. As well as the brand, products or services which the business sells. Unless potential customers are aware that the business is selling a specific type of service or product, they are unlikely to purchase anything from the business. Hence a business should be aware of how advertising influences consumer behavior. That way the company can plan their advertising accordingly. Since people are spending more time online on social media websites, businesses should have a plan for advertising using social media. Many businesses do not have the resources or expertise for social media advertising. Hence it is better to use the services of a specialized digital agency like Gorilla Gurus.

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Raising Awareness through Social Media

Most businesses are using advertisements for branding especially if they are selling consumer products. It’s more likely for consumers to purchase a product/service if the seller is a well-known brand. They feel that since the business has spent so much money on advertising, it will also make the effort to provide quality services or products. The media is also more likely to carry news about a well-known brand. So businesses of all sizes are increasingly using social media for branding. As well as using their social media account for advertising their brand.


Well-Designed Business Websites

Though the business may have an excellent advertising campaign, it may not generate leads and orders, if the business website is not well designed. If internet users want more information about a business, they will visit the website. Hence the website design should look professional, to increase the conversion rate. Gorilla Gurus specializes in designing high-quality websites, which are user friendly. We also offer search engine optimization(SEO) services. So that the business will rank well in search engines for the products it is selling. Usually for SEO, new content can help improve the business website ranking.

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The Role of Influencers

It is easy to advertise business spending a lot of money. Though an advertising campaign is only considered effective if the customers remember the business and its products easily. In turn, making the company its first preference while shopping. Hence Gorilla Gurus uses many guerilla marketing techniques for advertising the businesses of our clients. Depending on the product which the business is selling, we work closely with the business to offer free samples to influencers in the industry sector for review. When these influencers share reviews of the product using social media. They advertise the product, making more people aware of the business.


Feedback and Design Services

Gorilla Gurus will also closely track feedback about the business and its competitors online. This is especially important in social media. The online feedback is useful for cost-effectively advertising the business. By using the comments section, offering discounts or other promotions. Online advertising will usually include the business logo, which customers will associate with the business. Hence the business should have a well-designed and attractive logo. It is vital that customers can easily remember the logo. We help businesses of all sizes design a suitable logo or redesign the existing logo for advertising. Contact us today to get started on all your business needs from marketing to design and more.






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