Growth Hacks to Boost Your Business’ Success

The revenues and profit of a business are widely considered as the parameters used to measure success. Due to this fact, companies of all sizes are always interested in increasing the number of leads and orders. Recently a significant percentage of the business sales are online. In turn, businesses are spending more money on digital marketing. Similar to using websites and computers to collect information, using innovative online marketing techniques can help in increasing sales significantly. Many companies to seeking growth hacks. In this article, we will discuss some of the popular growth hacks. These are just a few of the methods the Gorilla Gurus team uses to boost sales for our clients. 


Social media for Growth

One of the most popular growth hacks widely used by both online and offline businesses is using social media. Social media is useful for increasing sales and branding. We can encourage customers to follow the social media account of the business for better deals. After using the product or service, the customers are also encouraged to share their experience on their social media account. To make their personal, social, and professional acquaintances aware of the business. The business can also offer discounts to customers who share information on their social media account.

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Professional Marketing Assistance

In truth, most businesses do not have staff well-trained in social media marketing. Therefore, Gorilla Gurus can manage the social media promotion for the business. We can create a social media account and update it periodically with attractive content. Our team also offers video production services, which may be right for your company’s marketing plan. We handle all aspects ranging from scripting the video to editing it. We can also help our clients plan a suitable referral program. This method encourages customers and others to promote the business online and offline.


Referrals and Reviews

One of the reasons why a referral program is attractive is because it’s a low-cost option. Generally speaking, the amount which the business has to pay customers for their referrals is usually less with a referral program. Additionally, when internet users are posting the link online, it will help in search engine optimization (SEO) for the business. The search engines are considering the number of backlinks which the business website has. This s why the posting of referral links boosts SEO. In a form of guerilla marketing, the referral links can be post on reviews or social media websites where competitors post. Posting the referral link on a large number of websites will also help in branding for the business. Since more people will become aware of the business.

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Growth hacks for the Local Market

Local businesses which wish to increase their sales can use geofencing. Simply put, this alerts potential customers on their smartphones when they are in the vicinity of the business. It informs the customer of deals and provides other information. Gorilla Gurus can implement geofencing for our clients. We also focus on tracking the effectiveness of the marketing plan. The main goal is to optimize it to maximize the conversion rate. We can also modify the website design to encourage visitors to leave their email and phone number when they visit the business website. The email id of the visitors can be useful for email marketing to convert the lead into a sale. While the phone number is useful for implementing geofencing. 


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