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You saw our ad because we GEO fenced an area that you brought your mobile device into.  This allows us to populate your digital ad spaces with our content.    Now you can see messages from your friends at Gorilla Gurus on your phone, tablet, and/or home computer.  Don’t worry – it’s not spam or malware.  If you didn’t see our ads, you’d see someone else’s.  Perhaps your own ad…

How can I do that?

Glad you asked, friend!  If you would like to advertise your business to a target audience, the Gorilla Gurus are your go-to guys and gals.  We can GEO fence your competition or identify potential customers by where they work, play, and live.  Once the IP address of the mobile device is captured, the messaging jumps to any digital device that shares it (phone to laptop to desktop to tablet, etc.)  From there, we use retargeting to slot your message into the potential customer’s daily web browsing.  We can go high, wide, and handsome or we can get ridiculously specific to meet your marketing needs.  It’s more affordable and targeted than traditional advertising (e.g. billboards), and it’s flexible enough to present your message with your brand character and voice.  Nifty!

I totally want that… does it cost a fortune?

Another great question!  It’s not cheap, per se, but it is a smart investment that gets tangible results.  GEO fencing and retargeting work best in conjunction with a broader marketing campaign to ensure that the messaging is on brand and making quality impressions on your audience.  If you already have an ad campaign, we can incorporate that.  If you’re starting from scratch, we can collaborate on multifaceted engagements that work for you.

Ready to start fencing?

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