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Marketing for Businesses of All Sizes

Businesses are always interested in finding new ways to generate leads and orders. Especially because this can increase their revenues and profit. Larger businesses are spending more money on marketing so they can generate more leads. In turn, selling more products or services. However, often smaller businesses like startups have a limited budget. They cannot afford to spend a lot of money promoting their business. Hence they are always interested in finding cost-effective and easy marketing methods for promoting their business. The overall goal is to generate more leads. Let’s talk about some of these easy marketing techniques.

Social Media for Marketing

A large number of businesses have found that social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of generating leads. A company can create its social media account for free. Then update their account regularly by sharing useful information about the services and products they sell. This will help in branding and increase the number of leads generated as well as the conversion rate. Social media can be also used for providing customer support. In addition to interacting with customers and collecting feedback from customers. Gorilla Gurus can create and manage social media accounts for clients. We can post new content to the account, for branding and lead generation.
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Video Content for Marketing

Many businesses are preferring to share videos on social media. Since this content is more likely to become viral, and it is easier for the internet user to understand videos. The majority of businesses do not have staff trained and experienced in video production. They can outsource video production to Gorilla Gurus. We work closely with our clients, to finalize the content and script of the video. We also produce the video, arranging for a studio, location for outdoor shooting, actors, sound effects, and other equipment depending on the type of video produced. As well as editing the video, providing other production services, and sharing it on social media.
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The Use of SEO

To get more visitors to their website, a business will need to rank well for a large number of keywords. This can produce more leads at little to no cost. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps improve the ranking of the business website in search engines. One of the factors which determine the ranking of the website in search engines is the content of the website. Our content creation services focus on creating quality content for high-traffic keywords. The goal is to have content that is useful to the website visitors while helping in SEO. We modify the website design so that the content added is easily accessible to visitors.

Local Marketing

Research indicates that people are more likely to purchase a product or service from a well-known brand or company. Most people buy from companies that they trust. Hence businesses of all sizes should be investing money in branding. Many are trying to find low-cost methods. Social media marketing, SEO, content creation are some of the techniques used for branding. Additionally, businesses that are selling their products or services locally should consider local advertising. Advertising locally is usually inexpensive since there is less competition. At Gorilla Gurus, we manage online and offline advertising. We can use geofencing and other techniques to improve the conversion rate for local businesses.
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