Difference Between Grass Roots and Guerilla Marketing


The Search for Memorable Marketing

Many companies have an interest in branding. It can help in increasing sales and the brand value of the business brand. However, these businesses often have a limited marketing and advertising budget. This is especially true for small businesses. Conventional advertising is usually expensive. Sometimes it’s not very effective since a large number of people who view the advertising forget about it quickly. This may be because it is similar to the other advertising which they view. So companies seek unconventional marketing techniques. This method will help them to reach their target market at a lower cost while remaining extremely effective.


Grassroots vs Guerilla Marketing

Grassroots marketing and guerrilla marketing are some of the most effective methods of increasing brand awareness at a lower cost. Though some people are using these terms interchangeably, there is a significant difference in these methods. Grassroots marketing involves marketing to a smaller group of targeted people at the grassroots level to maximize the returns on investment (ROI). On the other hand, guerilla marketing involves using unconventional marketing methods to create a lasting impact on the customer. While grassroots marketing may include some amount of guerilla marketing, the converse is not usually applicable.


Guerrilla marketing

Most businesses use similar advertising techniques. So unless the business has a large marketing budget it is usually difficult to create a lasting impression on the customer. The term guerrilla marketing comes from Jay Levinson who worked in a leading advertising agency in 1984. This term describes unconventional marketing techniques, which take the customer by surprise to create a lasting impression. Giving away free samples, posters of the product being marketed is a popular guerrilla marketing technique. Installations, performances, and events in public places are also used for guerilla marketing.

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Grassroots marketing

Ultimately the aim of all marketing is lead generation. So if a business cannot afford to spend more money on marketing, it should focus on choosing the right marketing techniques to get the best results. Most advertisers charge based on the number of people who will view their advertising. Thus small businesses should spend more time researching to find potential customers for their products or services. The next step is promoting their business. For a wide range of products, only specific types of customers are likely to purchase them. Hench why targeting grassroots customers is far more effective.
For example, those who help their relatives and friends financially are likely to influence purchasing decisions. Hence grassroots marketing targeting these wealthy influencers is likely to be more effective for the business. Through identifying these wealthy influencers will take more effort.


Finding the Perfect Marketing for You

Based on the budget and target audience of the client, Gorilla gurus are offering both guerrilla and grassroots marketing for businesses of all sizes. They work closely with the client to conceptualize and implement We also offer innovative marketing methods which will increase brand awareness. We focus on advertising the services and products for lead generation at a low cost to help the business grow. Clients can review the marketing campaigns for our clients implemented earlier, to choose a suitable method for their business. In some cases, a combination of these two marketing styles may work best. For more information on a similar topic, read this article on combining digital and traditional marketing.

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