Current Marketing Trends Worth Following

With advances in technology, there have been major changes in the profile of internet users. As well as how they use the internet for searching for new suppliers or service providers. Many businesses that have noticed the changes in the way people are using the internet. Some have adapted their online marketing strategy accordingly and have noticed a major increase in the number of leads and orders generated online. Let’s talk about some of the current marketing trends, especially those related to search engines and social media. These are methods businesses of all sizes can use for boosting sales.


Most businesses are aware of celebrity endorsements and social media influencers. The celebrities get extensive media coverage while the major influencers on social media have a large number of followers. However, the celebrities and influencers will charge a large amount. Sometimes $1 million for endorsing any product or service. Smaller businesses may not be able to afford this. Also, many people realize that celebrities are being paid a large amount for their endorsement, so they may not trust them. Hence increasingly businesses are preferring to use micro-influencers. These influencers have more than one thousand followers on social media.
Since micro-influencers are ordinary people, more consumers are likely to trust them. Research has also indicated that the conversion rate for micro-influencers is higher compared to celebrities. Also, they will not charge as much for endorsements. Usually $100-$500 is adequate for an endorsement. Gorilla Gurus will help in identifying the micro-influencers and contact them for endorsing the business. We will formulate the social media marketing strategy. As well as consulting the marketing team and micro-influencers to get the best deal for our client.

Content Marketing

Most businesses are investing in search engine optimization (SEO). It is a very cost-effective method of generating leads in the long term. One of the most important aspects of SEO is content creation since the website should have content for the relevant keywords. Gorilla Gurus works with our clients to help identify the high-traffic keywords for the business. We then check the website ranking for the keywords. For keywords where the website is not ranking well, we create relevant and useful content. We base the content on the information which prospective customers are looking for. We also get relevant back-links so that the ranking will improve. To learn more check out this article on ways to upgrade your content marketing

Video Production

Another major marketing trend this year is live video events. Where people can get more product information, directly interact with the staff, get their queries resolved. Gorilla Gurus helps businesses with no technical expertise in the different aspects of video production so that these businesses can live-stream events on video. We can also produce a product or service-related videos for the website. The website design can capture the email details, SMSes of the visitors to notify them when there is a new event or promotion. Gorilla Gurus also provides graphic design services to make the logo, website more attractive and content easier to understand. Read this article about why Instagram might be prioritizing videos over photos

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