Creating Brand Advocacy 

The True Face of a Brand

All businesses are aware that getting new orders from an existing customer is far easier than acquiring a new customer. Hence most businesses try their best to offer the best possible product or service to their existing customers. As well as provide customer support whenever required. Most businesses can get repeat orders from customers who are happy with their product features, quality, and pricing. But they may not aware of how these satisfied customers can use for branding. Loyal customers can help them get new leads and orders, making more people aware of the business, its services, or products.


 Brand Advocacy

Brand advocacy has become one of the most effective marketing techniques worldwide for businesses of all sizes. Businesses are using their satisfied customers as brand advocates for promoting the product. In turn, this attracts new customers with their positive reviews of the business, its services, or products. Most businesses have several satisfied customers. They usually do not have the resources or experience in using these brand advocates for marketing. The correct execution of this method increases brand recognition among those who are not aware of the business. In turn, boosting their sales.


 The Role of a Marketing Agency

Gorilla Gurus can help business improve their brand image and sales by using brand advocacy for marketing. The technique can be very cost-effective. Increasingly customers are posting their feedback on the products and services which they use on social media. While a large number of businesses are using reputation management services, to handle the negative feedback, only a few businesses utilize the goodwill of satisfied customers for marketing. Typically the company will use the feedback from a few customers in the testimonial sections of their website. This leaves the goodwill of the remaining customers unutilized.

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 Reviews and Feedback

Most people purchasing any product or service, especially if it is a high-value product, will spend some time researching it. While the price and features of the product are a major consideration, the buyer will also consider the feedback of the existing customers. If there are a large number of negative reviews, they will usually not buy the product. Since they may be more likely to face a problem at a later date. On the other hand, if most of the customers are happy with the product, the prospective buyer is more likely to purchase the product. This is because they will usually get the quality and features promised.

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 Trust the Pros

Contacting satisfied customers to make them brand advocates is a time-consuming task. Social media and review sites have to be monitored for positive feedback about the business. Then these customers have to be contacted to convince them to become brand advocates. This usually involves offering them some kind of incentive in form of discounts or other offers. It is also important to choose the right brand advocates, who will attract more customers using their social media account and other methods. Gorilla Gurus helps all types of businesses in using brand advocacy effectively for marketing. This includes monitoring feedback about the business online. We will then help the business choose one or more brand advocates who will promote the brand in social media and using other methods. Contact us today to get started on improving your branding.


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