Content Promotion Strategies for Attracting Organic Traffic

SEO, Content, and Keywords

Search engines are an excellent source of high-quality traffic and lead for a business website. Hence why businesses are investing large amounts of money in search engine optimization (SEO) to improve the ranking of the business website. This includes content creation for the website so that the website ranking for different keywords will improve. Additionally, the business can also use other websites for promoting content for marketing the business and increasing the traffic. Let’s discuss some of the very effective techniques for content promotion that will help in increasing organic traffic.


Traffic From Social Media

People are spending more time on social media websites. So sharing content on social media channels can increase the number of people viewing the content. These internet users may not have the time to visit multiple websites for research. However, if they find that the content shared on social media is relevant and useful, they may visit the website for more information. While sharing content on social media, the user should also post a link to the original content. This will help in SEO as well as increasing the number of backlinks and the content ranking for relevant keywords.

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Optimizing to Increase Views

The Gorilla Gurus team works closely with our clients to profile their potential customers. This helps in determining the social media channels which they use. We will then share the content using the social media account to get more views. We will optimize the web design so that the content added to the website will rank well in the search engines. Our staff will closely monitor the website analytics to find out which pages are more popular. This information can be useful to repurpose the content in other forms, like graphics, videos and to increase the number of visitors.


Video Production and Blogs

Research indicates that internet users are increasingly preferring to watch videos instead of reading text. So clients can use our video production service for repurposing their popular content. Sharing videos on social media and other websites brings more traffic. Though the business may have invested a large amount in its website, it may not be getting many visitors. So one extremely effective way of making more people aware of a business is by sharing information on popular blogs in the form of guest posts. Though the internet users may not become leads, this will help in branding and improve conversion rates.

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Guerilla Marketing

We can also use guerilla marketing techniques to help our clients generate organic traffic from content at a low cost. Many people who have used the services or products of the competitors of our client will post their feedback on social media and review websites. We can help our client monitor the feedback posted to the competitor and also suggest our client’s services/products providing information. This can help in increasing the traffic. Especially if the competitor’s customers are not happy with the competitor’s products and are looking for alternative options. Checking websites for broken links, and then sending emails suggesting a link to the business website content will also usually help increase the backlinks, and organic traffic.

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