Combining Digital and Traditional Marketing: The Key to Success

Traditional and Digital Marketing Combined

In the last decade, businesses of all sizes have noticed that their potential customers are spending more time online. So many have reviewed their marketing budget, and are investing more money in the various digital marketing methods. Though it is easier to get accurate statistical information for digital marketing, it is usually more difficult to generate leads. Many people do not visit the business website or view the advertisement. Hence increasingly businesses are combining traditional marketing techniques with digital marketing. This method can consistently generate high-quality leads for a long time.


Marketing Through Social Media

Social media networks show us the connections a person has offline, either personally or professionally. For many businesses, especially businesses selling consumer products, social media advertising is very effective in generating a large number of sales. Instagram is widely used by younger people, who are more likely to purchase products endorsed by the influencers they follow, especially celebrities. Gorilla Gurus helps businesses prepare a profile of a typical customer. So that they can target the customer on the social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Both advertising and social media posts can be useful to update the user with the latest promos.

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The Role of Website Design

Some people may be using their internet connection for only a few hours daily, so they may not view the advertisement online. These internet users are also reading newspapers, magazines and watching television in their free time. So a large number of businesses continue to advertise offline, especially on television. Many companies offer an incentive like a coupon for purchasing online. Gorilla Gurus offers e-commerce website design services so that customers can purchase the items they want. Our staff can handle all aspects of the website design, from uploading the product descriptions, photos, to testing and marketing the website. To learn more about the website services offered, visit this page. 


Traditional Marketing Methods

While the offline advertisement may not generate sales immediately, it is important to ensure that the advertisement is attractive. Gorilla Gurus specializes in ad design for our clients based on the services and products which is being sold. Offline advertising also helps in branding. Which in turn increases the conversion rate. Increasingly people spend more time watching videos offline and online. For advertising on television as well as social media channels and YouTube, we offer video production services. We work closely with the client to finalize the script of the video and other aspects of the video content.


Local Marketing and Geofencing

A large number of businesses are selling their products/services only locally in a specific area. These businesses can use offline marketing methods like direct mailers or outdoor advertising to make people aware of their deals or sales. Then when the potential customer is close to the retail outlet, geo-fencing is useful to convert the visitor into a customer. We help our customers selling locally to implement geofencing. As well as offering strategic advice on suitable offline marketing techniques which will help in lead generation.

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