Busting The Top Three Marketing Myths

The success of any business depends to a large extent on its ability to get orders. As well as generate leads that turn into sales. Large well-established companies have marketing departments with well-trained and experienced staff. While small businesses often have limited resources. Often the small business owner himself is doing the marketing and sales. To learn more about remarketing a small enterprise, check out this article. At times a marketing team may waste a lot of time and money trying to generate leads, yet the sales team is not able to convert the leads into orders. The low conversion could be due to problems in the marketing strategy. Here we will discuss some of the top marketing myths below:

Myth #1: Marketing is Difficult

Many businesses consider marketing difficult since they find it extremely hard to generate high-quality leads. This is because they not be using the right marketing strategy. The marketing team may not realize the importance of branding for conversion, especially for high-value products. Gorilla gurus work closely with our client to plan the right advertising and promotion strategy for branding. We start by researching the profile of the potential customers for the products or services sold. Then we work on finalizing ad targeting to maximize the number of high-quality leads. Through an efficient plan, marketing can become simple!

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Myth #2: Marketing is Pushy

Till a few decades ago, almost all leads and orders came through offline marketing methods. In most cases, the marketing person was pushy. A glib speaker, an excellent actor, someone who could easily convince others with his charm. However, in the last decade, a large number of products and services are being sold online, without any kind of personal interaction. For selling online, it is important to understand the behavior of the internet user. For example, if a person shows interest in purchasing a product or service, he will use the search engine to find a suitable supplier.

So if the business website is ranking well in the search engine on the first page, it will generate more high-quality leads for free. Often the business website is not listed on the first page. Thus search engine optimization ( SEO ) is necessary to improve the website ranking. Since most businesses do not have skilled and trained staff for SEO, businesses find it cost-effective to outsource SEO to Gorilla Gurus. We identify keywords relevant to the products or services and add content to the website for improving keyword search ranking. This will also help in branding and lead generation. If required, the website design is also optimized for SEO purposes.

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Myth #3: Sales and Marketing are the Same

Many small business owners, especially those who do not have a sales background think that marketing and sales are the same. Many use the terms interchangeably. They do not realize that marketing involves branding and lead generation. While sales deal with getting orders from customers and converting the leads. Depending on the profile of the customers, the business can use different techniques like geofencing for local businesses to identify potential customers. In turn, this information can be useful for generating leads. Though social media is usually associated with branding, Gorilla Gurus can help our client to use it for generating sales.
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