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Professional Branding Services

Every individual who owns a business or provides a service is a brand owner. However, most business owners or service providers are not experts in branding. They may only have limited knowledge of what it involves. While the price of a product or service depends to a large extent on the quality and specifications, it is also determined to some extent by the brand image. Usually, a well-known brand is able to charge a premium for the service or product which it is selling. Hence businesses should hire a professional and competent branding service provider to help in brand development. Gorilla Gurus specializes in this type of service.

The Steps of Brand Development

The first step of brand development is to understand what the company is selling. This includes how the business’ offerings differ from other similar products/services available. Then the branding experts will help in choosing a suitable brand name for the business. The company name should be easy to remember and related to what the business is offering. They will also help formulate the guidelines for brand usage, persona, and messaging. Additionally, the experts will complete a strategy for marketing and promoting the brand. This results in having the desired positive impact on customers, enhancing brand recognition and brand value.
The next stage in brand development is logo design. It’s important to design a unique logo that is memorable. Gorilla Gurus works closely with the business owner to develop a unique logo incorporating the company colors, values, message, and theme. The highly-skilled designers will create a logo from scratch. One goal is to ensure the logo is professional looking. After the design team finalizes the logo, they will provide digital files to the business. The files will be a variety of digital formats containing the logo. This ensures that the logo can be easily utilized for marketing and branding purposes. Examples of uses are company brochures, websites, stationery, visiting cards, and signboards. Custom design services also include providing vectorized logos to the business. Learn more about the basics of branding in our article titled the beginner’s guide to building a brand.

Branded Graphic Design Services

In addition to designing a unique logo for the business, Gorilla Gurus also designs graphics for marketing the brand online and offline. Once the design team finalizes the graphic design themes, they are ready to use in different types of media. Such as print marketing brochures, emails, social media channels, and websites. Depending on the business profile, The team at Gorilla Gurus will select the appropriate marketing channels. While some products are mainly sold offline, increasingly a large number of products are being sold online. Therefore, graphics for online advertising would be best for online retailers. If you are interested in gaining more knowledge on graphic design services, check out our page on the topic. 

Branding for Social Media Marketing

In the last few years, businesses are using various social media channels for marketing. Since social media marketing is low cost compared to paid advertising especially pay per click (PPC) advertising. For social media marketing, social media accounts require frequent updates, with new and interesting content. In addition to text, other content that is relevant for the brand building includes graphics, videos, and audio messages. The branding service ensures that social media marketing and promotional messages conform to the branding strategy of the business. Gorilla Gurus will also help in ad design for promoting the business, designing attractive advertisements for branding online and offline after considering the customer profile. These ads can useful in many ways, such as in print, on billboards, and websites. Gorilla Gurus offers the best social media marketing services in Tampa and beyond, read more here.

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