Best Geofencing Company in Tampa

Mobile phones use is skyrocketing. Additionally, most consumers are using their phones to purchase and order items. Thus, marketers are introducing an intelligent method and marketing strategy known as geofencing, a location-based type of advertising.

Gorilla Gurus is a reputable geofencing company in Tampa.  Simply stated, we use GPS data that helps show ads to the people who are at a specific location. Location-based advertising entails drawing a virtual fence around certain buildings such as convention centers and stores. In turn, any person carrying a digital device who visits the virtual fence gets various ads about your business and products.

 To learn more on the basics of geofencing, check out our short video below. 




What do Gorilla Gurus do with our geofencing strategies?

  • Target potential customers who visit the virtual fence
  • Attract customers with physical proximity to your store or business
  • Target your competitor’s location
  • Advertise to relevant events and trade shows

What does geofencing entail?

To start, you need to set up a specific geographic boundary. Next, various triggers are set to engage with the potential consumers when they visit or leave the area. In most cases, location-based advertising makes use of GPS and radio frequency identification to send messages or alerts. Additionally, the technology helps to set digital ads on social media. 

Also, this advertising strategy helps in monitoring activities in the pre-defined area. Your business can use this intelligent technology to monitor employees in the field and for tracking company vehicles. 


What are the advantages of geofencing?


Relevant Marketing Method

Gorilla Gurus is the best agency for geofencing. On the whole, we can help incorporate the best advertising strategy for your business. Overall, this location-based form of creating awareness is quite helpful and helps your business to reach out to potential customers. Geofencing is a customized marketing method that enables you to target individual customers. You can even send personalized notifications through geofencing! In turn, making it an appropriate marketing method that helps increase the flow of customers to your business. 


Cost-effective Advertising Strategy

Particularly, this location-based marketing strategy is a cost-effective method that helps deliver effective results. Using geofencing, we can carefully identify your target audience. Overall, this helps us avoid mass spraying type of marketing. The targeted form of market is cheaper and more customized to deliver effective results. 


Efficient Advertising Strategy

Location-based advertising helps to send the correct type of information to your consumers. For example, you can send important information concerning various promotions, sales, or events. Sending relevant digital ads and notifications helps customers to consult your services. 

For instance, if your business is running a promotion and needs to capture consumers’ attention, geofencing is ideal. With this intention, it is the best method to communicate to your customers. It is the most effective way to inform your consumers about various limited-time offers available in your store. 


Key Takeaways

Geofencing technology helps to bridge the divide between the physical and digital environment. To summarize, your business can use this location-based marketing strategy to offer special incentives to potential consumers in your area. The design is an intelligent method of keeping control of your business. It’s especially useful for alerting you when a potential customer enters or leaves your premises. Contact us today to learn more about how geofencing can benefit your business. Call us for a free consultation. 



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