The true kings of the marketing jungle, creating and curating multi-faceted guerilla engagements. Join our troop in the tireless pursuit of experience that manifests results.


We are a team based in design. Our in-house design team is comprised of graphics experts with a focus on logo, branding, and creative marketing materials to fit your business’s every need. We provide full logo packs that give you the ability to plug in to every channel available for you to get your company’s name out there. Our designers are professionally trained and keep up with current trends and technologies to ensure that your brand never gets stale and outdated.


Trying to find your way through the never-ending maze of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and every new social media channel popping up seemingly every day? We get it. Through building our own social media presences over the years, we have learned the tricks of the trade and know how to utilize your company’s brand and achieve its full potential with your target demographic.


Video content plays a key role in your company reaching your target demographic. Creating an effective message with a story to illustrate takes a level of creativity that can sometimes be hard to find. We have in-house storywriters, videographers, and post-production experts. We can help you create video content for social media, traditional commercials, or email video messaging.


Everyone wants that coveted number one spot on Google’s search results without having to pay an arm and a leg for that sponsored position. It takes a lot of knowledge and creativity to get you there. We have Gorillas in-house that are dedicated to creating the strategic content that your website needs to maintain a strong presence on the internet and keep you winning in your market against your competition. Our Gurus know how to leverage every angle of SEO to beef up your site’s score and keep it up-to-date with ever-changing standards.

Retargeting, GEO Fencing & Display Ninjas

Don’t know what Retargeting is? Ask us, and we’ll be geeked to go into detail. The short version is once someone has visited your website, your ads will follow them EVERYWHERE on their computer and mobile device. Display Ads are exactly what they sound like. We target specific demographics based on consumer’s behavior and show them ads for your brand where they are most likely to take notice. GEO Fencing – This is some real Gorilla S**t.  Imagine this…your potential customer enters your competitor’s business.  Instantly, they start seeing ads for your brand on their phone, computer, and even their TV.

Email Marketing & Data Aggregation

Email Marketing – We know a lot of people and are connected with a whole lot more.  Our database of over 500,000 email addresses is growing daily; allowing us to create targeted email blasts for your brand “high, wide, and handsome”, pinpointed, or anything in between. 

Data Aggregation/Procurement – You need data and we have data. With a full spectrum of databases we will accumulate the needed data for your target demographics.

Direct Mail & Printing

We won’t say we wrote the book on this, but we certainly designed and printed the booklet.  We have a printing company that specializes in direct mail and customized printing solutions. (When we say we HAVE a printing company we mean that literally with a 5000 square foot facility below us that is owned by the head Gorilla.  Check out PrintGorilla.com and TampaPrinter.com for our online catalog)

Event Planners & Facilitators

Our executive team has executed over 10,000 events collectively – everything from concerts, corporate retreats, corporate trainings, festivals, networking events, bar mitzvahs, and even one “Uncle Jimmy got out of jail party” (we really can do just about anything).  We’re the creative folks to craft an unforgettable experience and the operational pros to pull it off.



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